“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
-Dorothea Lange, (1895-1965)

To some, a photograph is just a picture; a snapshot of a time, a place, or a person. To others, a photograph is a reflection of the relationship between artist, equipment, and subject. It is this union that has provided me the motivation to dedicate my time, skill, and most importantly, my passion to the art of photography. The thrill of capturing a suspended moment, an emotion, or a message is what fuels my enthusiasm, and demonstrating dedication and trust to my clients is something I take equal pride in. Providing a creative and comfortable setting allows me to target the ideal angle, lighting, and pose, which ensures beautiful images as well as your confidence. I am sincerely excited for the opportunity to work with you and craft photographs that you will admire for a lifetime. Get in touch with me to set up a shoot or for any questions you may have. ~Erin Zemanovic